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>> >> (gavel)
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>> chairman nolan: we are back. good afternoon. we are back in session. will go at this point to the agenda. back the public comment. we have members of the public who wish to address the board? >> secretary boomer: yes, on matters within the jurisdiction of the board of directors but not on the agenda. >> chairman nolan: two minutes. >> secretary boomer: [indiscernible] >> chairman nolan: mr. malik? [sounds like] >> good afternoon.
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honorable chairman and directors. -- malik, longtime driver. not on the agenda. mr. chairman, a few months ago you requested or ordered the sfmta to bring up credit card issue again. a lot of companies are charging five percent or more. forcing the drivers to accept credit card via merchant, we pay the license fee to the city. we are independent contractors. i do now you can forces to accept credit card even though the people go to the clubs and bars. ethey don't accept credit cards. they have to pay cash. the minimum is $21 dollars. if you go to the bar and order
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$6-$10, you have to pay $21, and if you want another drink, you pay another $21. the same people, for $7 ride, they gave you credit card. and some people force you to accept credit card. which is very unfair. if you look at the federal law, -- you have to take a position, accept the law or not. allows the charge the minimum of 10 dollars, or allow us to have a signposted, only cash. is up to us. we lose the business. you don't.
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in the people don't have a credit card, we lose the business. >> marcelo fonseca, followed by --[indiscernible] . >> good afternoon sir. >> good afternoon i want to talk again on the -- illegal operation that ms. hyoshi talk about. she talk about a lot of things i want to say. i want to urge you to go after them. they are big threat to our industry. if i listen to you mr. [indiscernible] i don't think you can look the other way. they are threatened this industry. if you don't do anything about it, this medallion treasure could become worthless.
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they are a major threat to the industry. they are everywhere. they do as they please. it is not fair that we have so many rules and regulations to comply with and they roam the streets as they please. please keep the pressure on them. and to the best you can so we can survive in this industry. thank you. >> chairman nolan: speaker please. >> -- [indiscernible] >> at the last meeting, item 11.7, approved by the board, unilateral action to close [indiscernible] i was disappointed because it was based on false information. mr. heinicke, when he moved to approve this he said i understand the contractor at the full set of recourse
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available to him if he wants to pursue additional compensation. there is no full set of resources. there is one. the filing of a lawsuit. i have been working on three projects: i am owed for money and work completed, some in 2010, and i'll tell you how much. this is not like information brought to you. this is accurate, verified by sfmta staff. i am old owed-- 7 million dollars right now. the only recourse is available
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is to file a lawsuit and that will cost me several hundred thousand dollars and that will cost me money through my notes. i want the board to put themselves in my shoe. modern i give you my business cards and tell me what those recourses are? a small contractor paying 3.7 interest rate on -- and the only recourse is to file a lawsuit. to me what the recourse is. >> chairman nolan: next speaker. good afternoon. >> thank you for your few minutes of your time. i'm here to protest the unilateral change order 20 a contract 50; i work for synergy project management for over seven years, and the acting director of construction. we have completed over 40 s.f.
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projects, never have to file a claim in an owner until now. we have voluntarily gone out of our way to perform a -- contract, 70 percent ahead of the schedule. after that director reiskin pointed out how sensitive it was for the industry. i have never seen management abuse powers as i've seen on 1250. this forum does not allow the time to review the details; i asked the board to make the decision to act parties to present the case to a neutral party for decision. we want to clarify that the
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only recourse is a lawsuit; we have already spent 250,000 dollars on attorney consultant these; we would hate to spend another 200,000. synergy is performing other contracts with sfmta, and his partner with sfmta to deliver context of the community; i asked that you request reasonable mediation in this issue. >> i am the actual superintendent that built the first two phases of the subway project; i have been present every day. i want to talk to you about the unpaid inefficiency and disruption on the 1250 project;
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there were over 750 separate force changes. every time we would start to dig, some unforeseen structure would block our work, we found even an entire building foundation on 4 street, buried, combine this with a six-month archaeological delays and we have major additional costs of this project that have not been addressed. all of the starting and stopping, can be chopped into little sections. the fragmentation that we experience of the base contract work had synergy on this one disruption item over the entire course.
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the job has been 2 million additional labor and equipment; we put together a simple change order, to make it is easy to understand for sfmta. we compared it to the as-bid hours. mta has never taken the time to analyze, negotiator comment on the change order. it is not fair or right that management is doing that. you cannot start and stop a job over 750 times and expect workers to finish the same contract work in the same amount of time. synergy has asked over and over for an independent review of the cost and some type of resolution to be set up or third-party evaluation. >> cory lamb - followed by herbert weiner and
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-- [indiscernible] >> good afternoon chairman nolan. my name is corey -- i am a cab driver. last time we had an important monday night football game. i work those games and special events; that's how we make money on the slow monday night; it is frustrating. about five towne cars, a few taxis. we get in on -- a big line of buses. [indiscernible] we sat there in gridlock -- you have probably 400-500
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people after again did want to go home. we were instructed to not pick up anyone on the line or you will get a ticket. i had to tell a few drunk people now. if you like to go into a combat situation to service the public. we want to figure this out. either sfpd or everyone involved, it will not have black towne cars using that road, have to have other access. we have buses with people holding on.
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they stand. at the cab driver, it is frustrating. >> herbert weiner. why does muni have such a crime rate? because it gets away with murder. [indiscernible] requires physically disabled people to walk quarter of a mile. they ignore the obvious. more buses, more drivers. they propose extravagant solutions. mta is a bully agency the tax taxidrivers, parking
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meters in the physically frail. if muni passengers a lucky those taking the bus today are lucky if they are home by christmas. i had to acquaint this board with muni etiquette. when you say to someone i will see you in hell, it means i will see you in a muni bus. >> chairman nolan: next speaker plesae. >> commissioners thank you for letting me speak again. of the record i'm emile lawrence [sounds like]. i want to see what we see the mta is missing by a long mile.
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technology is superseding your medallions. if you look at the industry in london, they have to separate systems. they have -- taxis and taxes that pick up people on the street which are black cabs. taxis by telephone operate without any license. people can drive their own car or limousine by filing apps by people like hoover -- what i see is a collapse of your medallion prices coming up in the horizon, defaults from drivers, etc. the industry technologically is the preceding your ability to cope with it.
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i bring that to your attention because over the past six years or so, on the only taxi driver on the super service directory and i was kicked off for [indiscernible] because he did not like my personality or vocal ability all what i had to say about him or the administration. i bring it to your attention that you're basically phasing out the whole cabin the street right now with these medallions because it would not need them in five years; they don't need that now to make money. >> chairman nolan: next speaker please. >> good afternoon directors. i want to point out that chris hyoshi is back full-time in her
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job. the e-mails coming in, better notification of meetings. it would be great if paul rhodes, because he sent public notifications of meetings. [indiscernible] maybe even a front-page announcement was in a while. we did once. thank you mr. reiskin, but it is not happening on a regular basis. so it is great that she has returned. the problem is, her staff is not attending meetings regarding taxi issues which also relates to passenger service. i want to relate to corey lamb, jarvis is not returning phone calls, answering the phone, e-mail. i work with him regarding the
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issue of service of major events, particularly 49er games. the supposed higher extra security police to help deal with the illegal operations but it is not happening. let the whole thing go. he won't answer his phone. this has to do with legal pickups of the ballpark. i had talk mr. murray about hiring these extra people. it is almost the end of november. they are not hired yet. wtf. why are you taking the time dealing with it? promises and promises. you should the man at the next meeting to get a report. thank you. >> chairman nolan: next speaker.
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>> jean clark. peter webb. tarik mahmoud [sounds like] >> being the first you're often ridiculed or called nuts. the untainted survey i submitted exposes packet service for what it is, broken. history has prevented a qualified review my survey. but, time out -- can you hear me okay?
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history has prevented a qualified review of simple math political or financial interest, take precedence. mta has gone while but using unfair business practices. -- my office and taxi staff will work closely in researching the concept of central dispatching using gps. that was gavin newsome, feb. 13, 2007. the same day commissioner heinicke recommended 75 peak-time medallions and 25 regular service medallions. in 2006, the bumps in the road were clear.
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that is me a and my survey, the examiner. 61% of the customers surveyed used dispatch. 2006, 49%. guess what, the mta cliff is clear now, the bubble has burst. [indiscernible] these is the publicity that we have been getting. >> chairman nolan: next speaker. [indiscernible] >> good afternoon directors. malik mahmoud. phnd [sounds like]
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on a $7 ride, we used to get $2, $3 in cash. $3 is more than 40%. when using the credit card machines, giving us $1, $1.50. i am preparing a document that i will send you in a couple of days with my original seats from my cab, it will show you that the tipping from them is less than 20%. on a cash basis we used to get much more. tipping has gone down for the credit card issue. 200 more cabs came in. we are losing money. the drivers' income is
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constantly downward. yellow cab already opened their own app; [indiscernible] [indiscernible] that's the way to do this for so many years that hoover got int. and that's how they were doing it now. we need one mta app, to show to the public where it are the cabs. didn't have to dial yellow; if you want to defeat [indiscernible] this is the only way. please, we need one app, and in every bus there should be a big sign, get on this app if you want a cab.
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>> -- they're going after uber because they don't have a limousine license. this is a threat not only to every cab driver is a threat to your own regulatory system.
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if you cannot see that something is missing. when you express concern for cabdrivers in the light of what you are doing it is an awfully hollow ring. you took 1000 cab drivers and push them out the door. the driver fund. you have cut almost all money out of the driver fund. the only thing that it will get at this point or anytime in the near future is $100 a month of the medallions being leased to cap companies, somewhere aruond $25 dollars per driver;
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it won't buy healthcare. do something real about the driver fund. >> chairman nolan: next speaker. >> first time here. i have been driving a cab for 17 years. one thing that bothers me so much the -- [indiscernible] they take my business. [indiscernible] >> chairman nolan: next speaker please? >> i was in the office in my company talking about these
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alternative vehicles and where the driver said to me, and we are like a third world country, everybody gets in their car and picks people up. if the tax industry goes away, who serves the disabled community? do you think uber will do that? i don't think so. how about people that don't have a smart phone? you are not allowed us to compete. the cab companies are not allowing us to compete. uber is hiring drivers with the app.
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people are independent contractors but it should be able to use any app they want; we need a universal app engine need help us do this, help us get the tools to compete with these people. if you read the article yesterday, the comments, the public hates taxis, they hate the tv screens in back, they hate the mta, the puc, drivers refuse to take them to the sunset, refuse to take credit cards. where is the enforcement? why are you allowing companies to block our dispatch systems. we need the -- this is model because that's what they want. we have to have taxis, insurance, regulation. by the

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